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1. OT:
OT is unavoidable, and there is a separate thread created specifically for it, so when you see that a conversation is getting too off-topic, take it there.

What do we mean by this?
If you see a conversation that is not directly related to the girls and at least two replies have been posted, consider that as OT and take your conversation to the Chat Thread.

2. Shipping:
Shipping is serious business. And it definitely belongs here. Deep down we all ship them with each other, hot unnies, inanimate objects or ourselves. Go ahead and enjoy your fantasy, just make sure you let others enjoy theirs. If a specific ship seriously bothers you, we invite you to scroll down and ignore it, also feel free to post whatever you want in between!

Mods will interfere when necessary. Remember, disagreeing with an opinion does not mean starting wank; but being rude and offensive is another thing.

3. Spoilers & IMG Tags:
Spoilers make sense only when people quote and label them properly. To avoid walls of spoilers, please edit your post so that it only contains the comment to which you are replying.

Try to be polite to other people here. If you have a big image you want to post, either resize it or put it under a spoiler. We now have a Theme that shrinks images automatically, but all the same, remember to remove the img tags when quoting one or several posts with images in them. We all love the girls, but seeing the same pic over and over again can get tiring.

4. Language:
This forum needs to be in English so Zetaboards can make money from advertisements and see that we aren't engaging in terrorism. A bit of non-English here and there is fine as long as you keep it useful. Just don't start personal and off-topic conversations in it.

5. Discussions:
Good news: People are free to express their opinions here.
Bad news: People are free to express their opinions here.

This includes opinions you don't like, opinions that do not make any sense and the ones that you might even find plain offensive and rude, in this case, please use any of our many methods to report any post(s) you might think it's breaking the rules instead of engaging on a preverbal battle with the OP. Remember the mods can and will interfere whenever they witness any kind of sank.

Remember: This is a fan forum. We mock them but we love them, so don’t take things too seriously.

6. Banning:
We encourage the members of the forum to feel free to report and use the complaints thread; we will revise all the conversations but it is up to us to decide which option we should take: warning, deleting a post, ban temporarily or ban permanently. Do not panic though; banning is definitely our last resort, unless necessary or obvious trolls show up.

7. Privacy:
It has come to our attention that there has been an increase of people here who like to stalk the girls' friends SNS (social networking service) accounts, mainly facebook, twitter and instagram. Not only is this an invasion of their privacy and creepy, it may also cause the Forum to be taken down as stated by Zetaboards' section of Prohibited Content: 3.1 - I.

For those reasons, we've decided that the following content shall not be allowed:

Announcing of SNSD's family and/or friends SNS accounts.
Inquiring of SNSD's family and/or friends SNS accounts.
Any content of said accounts irrelevant to SNSD.

Any user who breaks this rules will be given up to three warnings before a ban is issued.

Please also keep in mind that all talk about these people needs to be take to the K.Culture or Black Flag Threads as it's not relevant to the SNSD thread.

For more information regarding the rules and the culture of the forum, please refer to the Intro/Rules & F.A.Q thread linked on the top of our page or any of the sub-forums.
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